01.02.013 – Bittersweet, to say the least

Happy. Excited. Scared. Intrigued. Mounds of nervousness amongst other feelings have went through my mind as I’ve started to come to a close on this project.  And while its never really done, knowing that it would be wiser to not through much more money into the car/project due to its age/value, I can’t help but always want to do more.  Buy this part or tweak this just a bit more.  Its a constant want and need to tinker.  But I’ve got to leave well-enough alone.  The journey has been a great ride and it helps to see the interest from others whom aren’t much into the modifying world, peer interest and are just as much interested in viewing the outcome of the final product, as I am.  Looking back at where its come from and where its going is an awesome feeling, especially when I drive next to a same year/model Jetta down the road.  Its wildly different.

Just before the new year rang in, I placed an order for the side grilles for the R32 front bumper.  These were the last of the rebate/giftcards to be used.  And thankfully so as there chimed in at nearly $45 a side.  But the good news is they are here.

I should also note that I had picked up a license plate tow-hook mount back in August ’12.  This allows me to run the license plate (as horribly required in the great state of CA) but off to the side, stemming from the tow hook mount so that I can install/uninstall it very quickly all while leaving the grille untouched and hole-less.  I will have to slightly modify one of the side grilles to let the mount shaft pass through, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Also picked up an solid aluminum shift knob from a machinist on VWVortex.  I had it anodized black and cut about 2/3″ of an inch off the shaft.  Feels a bit more ‘connected’ to the transmission and all the shifts are more precise-feeling.  Very direct.  No pics of that right now.


129Side grilles for R32 front bumper


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