02.16.013 – Parts are my Co-Pilot

Well back in October ’12 I was scrambling to find a suitable rear bumper/valance.  I found a group buy for a replica that was supposed to have been in the final stages of production so it wouldn’t be long til I received it.  It didn’t cost much and I should have been able to fab it up the way I needed it to suit my forthcoming exhaust setup.  However as time went on, I kept getting the same base of replies “we only have a little more to go”.  As months pressed on, I started to seek out other options.  I found VW Votex parts sold through various dealerships, nationwide, were selling the OEM piece that I was having made as a replica for roughly $50 more.  After a quick rationalization,  I canceled my previous order with the the replica maker and purchased the OEM votex rear valance through a local dealer.  I also picked up a set of Thunderbunny side-skirts for about 1/4 of their original price.  It was projected to take roughly 2 weeks for the parts to come in but I got a call 3 business days later saying my parts are in.

As a precaution, I removed the bottom section of my rear seat and folded the seat-backs down, so that they lay entirely flat.  I also removed the front passenger seat.  While at the time of thinking it may have been overkill, but upon my arrival to pick up the parts, I am so thankful that I did.  The boxes were so huge that I had to raise my seat-back and slide it so far forward, that at a 9/3 driving position put my elbows at my sides.  My dash was lit with airbag warnings due to the seats connectors not being active. I couldn’t help but think that if for some reason I was in a head-on collision that with any luck, the airbag wouldn’t go off and the steering wheel would simply stop face.  Haha.  The driving position definitely made for a different kind of ride.  So much closer to the clutch and the row of the shifter.  While steering was a bit more uncomfortable, I had adjusted the telescoping/tilt features which did help a little.


Loaded up at Winn VW in Newark, CA131A quick mock-up of the Thunderbunny skirts.  These will require some fabrication as they are a hare (heh) bit longer (fit for 4dr GTi/Golf/Rabbit)

132Will need to trim shark-fin piece to allow door clearance

133A rough view of the new rear

134In some areas, masking tape is a viable source of body panel adherence


Will update on further developments and findings.  I might need to opt for the purchase of the Votex Diffuser to mate the R32 valance to, but not sure just yet.  On that note, I should go reinstall my passenger seat in…

Stay tuned!


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