03.16.011 – I don’t remember seeing 2 of those…

Its been a tremendously long time off. Its been even worse trying to keep a tight lip on the plans I’ve been workin away at, just the same. Finally had some time and money to get what I wanted, done.

Many months ago, I did a bunch of research in looking up a fitting exhaust. I know AWE has a great setup, as I’ve heard rave reviews as well as watched the video, hundreds of times. After looking at the setup (and price), it was something that I liked, but still wanted to see about doing something different. So with that, I set out to piece together an exhaust for cheaper. Low and behold, I’ve done it. For roughly 1/2 the price. The only difference is, I have a dual exhaust (Single to Y pipe). Its something I knew only a couple people have done, but hadnt seen it done for any 2.5ls, so it should be somewhat unique.

After “measuring” (read: eye-balling and sayin ‘yep. that’ll fit’) I found that I should have no problem pulling this off. Simply remove the under-carriage panel from the right rear well. I finally got all my mufflers and resonator sometime in early December (2010). After my trip to Cancun and xmas, funds were tapped to actually get it installed, so I had to save up little by little, which was no problem.

Now, the “hard part” was notching the bumper to an exact replica to the factory side. After some measuring and a couple good ideas, we finally got it right and set to cutting. A buddy of mine works at an auto body shop so he helped me out and is also going to finish off the lip rolling to keep the factory look on both sides.

I finally got a hook up through a friend to visit a local shop to get my exhaust installed this afternoon. A couple hours later, I come back and its done. Real happy with how it looks and that its finally in place. The only thing I’m unhappy with how quiet it is. So I will be taking out my resonator for sure. You can hear a good tone from it, but because of the resonator being in, it keeps it quieter than I had wanted it.

I dont have tips on just yet, as I have to track them down, rework them, powdercoat them, then install them. Will probably have it done when I get my resonator cut out, if not sooner. Other than that, can’t complain about how it came out. And for roughly $300, how can you complain at all?

So without wasting anymore time, here is the little pic timeline:
(forgive the sh*tty cell-phone camera. my camera finally died after 7 years of torture

032Wait Reduction (yes its spelled/used properly, haha)

033To make it sound sound like “BWAAAAAAAAH!”

Looks shiny and new, but will be leavin soon cause its through
035The last moments of a full bumper

The Hack Attack!
037made a onesy a twofer

038All that black sh*t on the ground was in our clothes, hair, nose, and even in my pockets.

039Thank you for your years of service, however management has decided to seek alternative endeavors. We wish you the best.

040Wait… Thats not normal, is it?


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