06.09.012 – The Zombie Apocalypse post… This thread won’t die.

Been a long time since this thread got some CPR. Given the last few lovely responses, Im sure some would like to leave it better of dead. Anyways, been too busy with life and many other things in the process. Done a few things over this last year, mainly got engaged, so with that, wedding plans, along with moving, more wedding plans, and a good 3 months of going 7 days a week, non-stop. I did manage to sneak in some minor mods here and there. Sometimes becoming so busy, I forgot to take pictures. At times, we got the ‘bright idea’ to start work at 8pm and wouldnt finish until around 2am. Wasnt the greatest plan of attack, but for the amount of time we had available, it worked. Without further delay, heres a bit of progress over the last year. My apologies for the low quality photos. My camera died a watery death and havent felt a need to get a new one.

(All part numbers, listed below)


407662_342862812408910_1600664064_nAs I said, I got engaged. She said yes.



071Picked up an NLS short shifter (5spd) with 42 Draft Design end link bushings and Verdict Motorsports bracket bushings. Also picked up an Autotech Subframe Insert (not pictured)

072No wonder why i was getting that slushy feeling in my shifts

073Ended up being ‘lucky’ and found out that my end links were similar to that of the Mk4 R32 so had to send back for the correct ones.

074end links and short shifter installed

075Bracket bushings installed as well


11/11 076Straight-pipe insert went into hibernation for the winter


02/12 – 04/12 077Picked up a set of 986 Boxster Non-S fronts and new seals and dust boots. New Stainless lines, New bleeders, New Fluid, NIB Rotors (free), New banjo bolts and crush washers, New pads (f/r)

078Picked up Apikol Carriers and sprayed them black (B6 A4 carriers are confirmed as being the same for A3/MkV platform, per Brendan of Apikol)

079Wire-brushed down the caliper exteriors and took out the old seals

080Replaced with new seals and lubed with ATE SuperBlue


G2 Epoxy paint. Only did the front calipers so had more than enough, so did 3 coats.
(btw, I took those bleeds off, oem, and replaced them. I’m aware of the overspray. it was intended for that)


Along the way I replaced my fuel filter and in the process, made a new pre-workout drink.
2% Dole fruit juice. 98% Chevron 91 octane.

083Picked up my buddies RS6 wheels from his dearly departed B7 A4 2.0tq

084Decided to take out my headliner and dye it black. (Will never do that ever again!! PITA!!!)

085Took out the seat for a bit easier access


05/12 086Masked up the wheels from a bit of overspray

087Time to play with some plasti-dip (old boxster seals and dust-boots, in there as well)

088about 1/3 of the way through the process

089Finally got the brakes installed, bedded and dialed in using Motul RBF600 fluid. (pass)
Likely overkill, but I got hooked up on it.

090Pass. side

091Guide pin clearance

092Thankfully NIB rotors [free]. Notice the nice line. (drivers side)

093Guide pin clearance on the top. (drivers)


Diff angle, Guide pin clearance on the top. (drivers)
Found out it was the lower guide pin that was a hair out and would rub a bit at low speeds and at hard cornering/ bump in the road. Filed it down and no rubbing issues since.

095Fresh coating of new pad pixie dust, from bedding process. (drivers side)

096Found out the Boxster setup clears my 16×8 steelie setup

097Spins freely with no caliper rubbing.

098Couldn’t get a tight enough photo, but you get the point.

100Freshly clayed and waxed, ready for Wuste12. Also picked up some Audi center caps for about $12 via ebay.



240miles at a half tank. Set cruise at about 80.
(ending up getting 415mi on one tank coming back from vegas. Not the first time i’ve seen 400+ from a mkv 2.0t/2.5)

102eff this weather

103SERIOUSLY! ended up topping out at 113*

104At Wuste2012

105His and Her Dubs

It goes without saying that doing everything listed above, you’re bound to run into snags here and there. However, I was able to get out with minimal damage. The headliner was completed, died and reinstalled, but I swear that will be something i NEVER do again. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, but it is one of the most ballsy situations I think i’ve been in with all my car work. You have to fold it to nearly 90* to squeeze it out. We were able to get it out through the rear passenger. NOT rear drivers, for some odd reason.

The brakes were pretty straight forward. The lines fit in the front, and mount in the rear, but I don’t think they are the correct ends because it would not hold the C-clip correctly. Being that they are only 8″ long, we left em as is. I’d like to upgrade to the GLI carriers or maybe the R32 rears, but after 87k those rear carrier bolts don’t want to move. So we’ll see what the future holds.


Part numbers for various parts:
– Boxster Calipers: 986 351 422 / 986 351 421

– Apikol B6 A4 / A3 / MkV Carriers: 08A0448

– Speed Bleeders (x6): SB1010S

– Techna-Fit Stainless Steel lines: VK1330

– Caliper Rebuild Kit (40mm & 36mm): ZEC14399040K (40mm) ZEC14399036K (36mm)

– Banjo bolt and crush washers: ES#494 ES248572

– Hawk HPS Pads: HB289F.610 (Boxster fronts) HB544F.628 (Jetta rears)

Likely done with the car till after the wedding in September. Need to focus on the lil ladies ride for a bit, then wedding/honeymoon. Hoping to start on a few bod mods in the next year but have no timeline I’m abiding by. Till then…
Stay tuned!


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