06.17.012 – Update with no pics for the c/o newb

Took off my H&R Sport cup kit today. Still looks and handels like the day i first got it. Picked up some FK Streetlines for super cheap so i couldn’t pass it up. Will be handing the springs off to my fiances mkv in a couple weeks as she has the Touring cup kit, so she’ll get a couple more lowz as well.

Being the C/O newb as I am, I had to figure out how to mount the rear perches. Thankfully had that questions answered fairly quick. I do think i will have to pick up some endlinks for front. I’m currently at 24.5″ in the rear, which is where i wanted to be. However, I set the fronts to be about 19 from the bottom, so i’ve got a small reverse rake goin on, at 25.5-.75″. However given the hassle of the endlinks on there its probably better, at least until i pick up new ones.

Will post up some pics when its all cleaned and settled.

I think from now until the wedding, unless there is a ridiculous deal for a few parts, i’m pretty much done with pickin up parts till at least Oct/Nov or so. Hopefully not too long.


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