06.28.012 – .:R you kidding me?!

So a while back, I decided I want to do something different.  After many ‘quick fixes’ and never truly happy with the results, I decided I was going to take on something that has yet to be done (or at least see the light of day on the interwebz).

I had intentions of doing some front bumper body work and maybe picking up some side skirts and calling it a day.  The car at this point has held up great.  A true champ.  What it lacks in horsepower it makes up for in reliability and sound.  So with body work on the horizon, I started doing a bit more research and came to the conclusion of being one of (if not) the first to put an MkV R32 Rear Valance on an MkV Jetta.  The shapes and body styles are very different, but with a bit of ‘massaging’ it shouldn’t be too hard to execute

Let the bits and pieces start to be collected.




108Also, while its no real feat, hitting 88,888 miles was kinda cool.  Thats a lot of 8’s


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