07.23.010 – Project Classified

So I’ve been stalking the mkv community for a couple weeks now. I just came off a sale of my 2008 Audi A3 that was ‘modestly’ modded. Shortly after, I picked up an 2006 Jetta Value Edition, (June 2006 build) though I’m still tryin to figure out the “Value” part (maybe I’m too much of a snob to deal with cloth seats). Coming from my last project car of 2.5 years, it as a bit of a shock, but nothin I wasnt ready for. The near 100hp deficit I faced was a huge eye opener in itself, but thankfully, my plans with this car arent to squeeze HP out of the NA motor.

I picked it up with 64,000 miles for a pretty sweet price. Body was in pretty good shape, minus the front and rear bumpers (benefits of being a former SF car). A few things needed some TLC, but thats with any project right? I picked it up on Monday July 12th 2010. I pulled it into my garage and I dont even think i turned the motor off yet. First to go were the hubcaps. Gave it a good ‘de-lousing’ with Dawn that night.

With this car, I have a bunch of plans here and there but nothing too outrageous. The typical; suspension, exhaust, intake, tint, LED lighting, etc. I will be doing some minor painting and de-chroming as i hate chrome or shiny shyt. I know my modding style isn’t to everyones taste, but at the end of the day, I’m the one makin the payments on it, right? Haha. No major static-drop or bagged suspension. No RS’s. No major poke n stretch. I kinda go against the grain and do things a bit different. Anyways, I’ll be sure and update this as often as possible.


Tues, July 13 2010

The day after I got it, i washed it AGAIN the clay barred the shyt out of it. Though it could still use another session. Gave it a coat of wax and called it a day. Also debagged/destickered it shortly after photos were taken.


012Rear Stock suspension sitting at 27 3/8″. Nose-bleed, section, party of 1…

013Front Stock suspension sitting at 26 1/2″. 195/65/15 dont help my case neither


If you look close enough, you can see 7 different families of field-workers living in my wheel-well


Thurs, July 22 2010

Installed the rear part of my H&R Sport Cup Kit (saved from the A3) on Friday July 16. Next day went to install the fronts and ran into issues. After 4 years of weathering, the front passenger strut hat felt the need to screw me over. 2 of the 3 bolts seated properly and the last one was too corroded and the threads shifted. Ordered a new strut hat from 1stVWParts.com (hat tip: those guys are on top of their shyt! mad props) and picked up a strut bearing as well. Though that wasn’t my only issue. In removing the strut and manipulating strut, spindle, and L.C.A., we found that once we got just about everything put back in place, that the axle was spinning the CV Boot. We tried to reseat it but wasnt working and with time not on our side, we had to call it quits on Saturday to head out to prior engagements. Sunday I attack removing the CV Boot clamp (read: in over my head) to see if I can reseat the hub splines. To my surprise, it looked as if we disconnected the axle from the hub / CV Joint. 4 of the 6 bearing were ‘floating’ in the boot itself. Reseated all the bearings, then reseated the CV joint onto the axle splines. Put the boot back in place and everything is ready for the remainder of the parts, which all came in this morning. So I put everything back together, went and had it aligned shortly thereafter. Didnt think to take a good pic of the full body after since I was in a rush. Excuse the glorious camera-phone shot.

016Rear Sport Cup Kit sitting at 25 7/8″. damn those 65 series donuts!

017Front Sport Cup Kit sitting at 24 13/16″ on a little less than 1/4 tank of gas

Front shot. Got rid of most of that ugly-@ss wheel gap and the car ride like i want it to, for the most part. I have a few plans for painting this weekend and may be dropping in my Premium 7 shortly thereafter.

Until next time, keep it on all fours and happy motoring!


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