07.27.010 – Already Fallen Off The Wagon

Feel free to give me an e-slap to the back of the head. I’m horrible at taking pictures, updating, writing, blah blah blah. Well, as I stated over this last weekend i said I was going to be digging into some painting and whatnot. Well, Saturday I pick up my paint and come home to find my new Premium 7 on my doorstep. So settled about and made plans to install that night.

The Premium 7 install went without a hitch. So now I have to take time out to remember to post up my Base Stereo in the classifieds. Aside from that, I popped out my front amber corner-markers, sanded em down, primed em and let em sit over night.

Sunday I planned on taking to a few more painting extremes. My plan was to paint the corner-markers as well as pull apart my now 4 year old headlights to paint the casing of them. Laid down the paint to the corner-markers and everything came out smooth. I then pulled off the bumper and started dissecting the headlights, slowly. Very slowly. I started with the passenger side. Was able to get out the 4 staples then came time for the baking. After reading numerous threads on this, I saw the time vary from 90-120 seconds to as upwards of 8 minutes. After baking it the time for about 2 minutes, it was essentially pointless. Now I was wondering what else to do. So I baked again for about 4-5 mins. Was a bit more pliable, but still, the sealant wasnt budging. Popped back in the oven for 8 mins. Finally! I’m getting somewhere. however, this was beginning to come at the cost of the housing. I was FINALLY able to peel the top part back and get the sealant removed. But it was coming in waves as the sealant was cooling down way too quickly. I was able to make it just about all the way around till I reached the bottom of the headlight. By this time it had been about 4-5 hours and really no progress had been made. I couldnt very well turn back cause the housing was just about destroyed. But getting to paint the insides wasnt goin to be all that glamorous either if the housing is all jacked up. So finally, I ended up calling it quicks after nearly taking my hammer out and smashing the headlight. After finding irony in German engineering for resistance to the baking method, I still had a somewhat functioning headlight.

I pieced everything back together as best I could and set it back in to the front end. Put the bumper back on and plugged the headlights back in; oddly enough they still work. However, the housings are so warped and disconnected that there is no sealant holding them together. Thankfully we are in the summer months and I dont need to worry about rain any time soon.

After that, I was able to lay a couple coats of clear down on the corner-markers and let them sit overnight. Rubbed them out and popped em back into place and they look so much better. However the paint isnt a 100% dead-on match, but at least its not that ugly amber shade anymore.

So for the weekends recap, it was a small victory. Picked up the Premium 7 for a song and a dance, the painted corner-markers were a slow start into cosmetic transformation and the headlight (fail) was chalked up to being now 4 years old and considered very weathered. So with that, I am now in a bind of tracking own headlight(s). I still have intentions of cracking open the lens/housing and painting them, but maybe sometime at a later date. Thankfully I’ve got too many small things in the works right now and its best to take things one step at a time.

thanks for checking in. i will post pics up tomorrow sometime. Keep it on all fours…


019Premium 7’s new residency

020Paint To Match Corner-Marker in the shade and minor front end drop shot

021Paint To Match Corner-Marker in direct sunlight (never-you-mind the curbage on the chin spoiler. previous owner)


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