08.02.010 – Spare Time = Productivity

So as last week wore on, with work being light, I found myself having a lot of time on my hands. Being that there is still a few things i can do, given a small arsenal of aerosols, I figured I might have well put both free time and the cans to use. Thursday I started with removing the grilles off the front end then went a step further with removing the filler plate from the main grille structure. Same with the side/fog vent grilles. I wasnt originally intending on painting the main lower grille cause I found a huge crack in it. But seeing that It would have stuck out like a sore thumb once the other grilles were painted, i opted for a couple coats with no further attention to it.

I used Krylon Fusion for vinyl (Satin Black: Code 2421) for the fog grilles, lic plate mount and trim ring around VW bezel. Then I sanded (360-400 grit) and primed the remaining pieces. After a solid 12 hours of curing, I knocked down the imperfections with scotch-pad, then removed the remaining dust particles with a wet terry cloth. Then dried off with a dry terry. I then used Duplicolor Automotive Gloss Black paint for the main grille, side grille brows, and VW emblem. Gave a good 3 coats, let them sit over night, came back and sanded everything down with 2000 grit, again removing imperfections, then laid down another 3-4 even coats. Following each coating, after about 20 minutes or so, they were left in the sun for a good 30 mins to ‘bake’. Once all coats had ‘cured’ I then laid down 3-5 coats of clear coat. During this time, I got bored and found my Engine Enamel Semi Gloss Black and decided I needed to do my exhaust tips, cause well, I had that kinda time on my hands AND I still have a hatred for shiny/chrome pieces. Removed the rear bumper since it was easy, just to free up more room to get to and prevent any possible over-spray, mainly cause I didnt feel like masking anything up. Scuffed/cleaned up the tips with scotch pad and a dry terry (to collect remaining dust), laid down about 4-5 coats, let sit for about 30-45 mins, then threw the bumper back on. I then let all grille pieces sit over night.

Woke up Saturday morning and started sanding down the grille pieces with 2000 grit paper once again, then went over it with Mothers Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound which REALLY brought life and depth to the pieces. I was really surprised to see how the parts came out from a simple rattle can. Was going to go over it with Mothers Hand Glaze, but after doing a test run on the VW badge, I didnt really see a difference and gave in as my arms were already growing tired.

So I then reassembled everything and slapped it back on the car. I must say that Im really happy with how things came out, for not really investing too much time/effort into em. But being that I need a new lower main grille, I will probably end up getting a Wolfie main grille set (black of course) at some point down the line.

Was able to come up on some NIB FK Angel Eyes to replace my haphazard set of OEM headlights I damn-near destroyed doing the joey-mod. Also got my eye on a DDM Tuning 6k HID setup. Though I’ve heard cases of people needing the Error Code canceler and some NOT needing it. I think for $20, its probably worth t to just buy it anyways. Maybe talk to them ahead of time and see if I can send it back if I dont end up needing it. But thats for stuff in the future.

Thanks for checkin in. Keep it on all fours…

022All grille pieces off the car

023In the home stretch of painting/clear coating

024Final product of the exhaust tips. Not a huge “WOW” but I know its there and looks better, in my eyes.

025 Final product of the front grille set. Changes the front end big time.


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