08.10.012 – 20 studs and their red nuts

The process of wheel bolts has been a complete pain in my ass.  Having ran now 5, yes 5, different sets of wheels, ranging from 15″ to 18″ and being made of either forged aluminum or steel, a wheel mounted to a tire is quite heavy when you’re balancing it while simultaneously trying to thread a wheel bolt.  Enough was enough and I was fortunate enough to have 034 Motorsports in my backyard.  I picked up a set of their 2.5″ wheels studs, some red Loc-Tite, and some red anodized lug nuts.  The process is so much nice and smoother.  And you dont have to worry about balancing or having a wheel fall off while your’e trying to thread a bolt.  For someone how plans on being a wheel whore, this mod is surely something to look into and its pretty cheap to be done.

While I was at it, I also picked up a set of Ksport sway bar end-links for the front end.  I had been having some random clunking from from my suspension on rare occasions and being that the car was lowered, its often attributed to the end-links — either being to long or simply breaking from stress of being too long (on lowered cars).  Naturally, I send my buddy a text and let him know that the original end-links are near impossible to loosen because of them being so old.  He replies with “Just don’t break nuthin.” (running joke of some of the oddest screws/bolts breaking on me).   I soaked them in some penetrating oil and let them sit. In an attempt to remove one side, what happens?… *SNAP* Well now I’m in a predicament.  I somehow manage to get one of the crack splines held just enough to remove the nut.  Smash cut to working on the other side… Soak. Let sit.  Try to remove nut.  *SNAP* This time mid-shaft of the bolt itself.  Great!  No, seriously.  Being that I had all new hardware, It actually made it easier.  I figured after that much mileage, there wasnt much that could be done for them anyways.


115My nuts are red!

116Red nut mated to loose stud and Conical seat > Spherical seat billet washer.  Allows me to run OEM (Ball seat) and Aftermarket (usually Conical seat) wheels.

117Installed studs on Drivers side, front.

118Weak spline cracked midway in removing the nut

Its not enough one side breaks, so lets merely round out the job.


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