09.07.010 – Halllooooooooo /George Takei

I lag. I’ll admit it. So much to the point to where I havent taken anything but sh!tty cell phone pics of my newest update. I bought a set of used (though NIB FK blacked-out Angel Eyes). After having them for over a month, I finally had the time to install them. I swear by this point, I’ve become a pro at removing the front bumper.

Went ahead and removed the bumper, uninstalled the OEM headlights, removed all the bulbs, transfered them over to the new ones and popped em in. At first glance, the turn signal bulbs didn’t fit because the FK’s required a different bulb; this meaning that the new bulb’s side prongs (which I filed down on one side, thinking this would suffice) are closer to each other than the OEM setup. Went ahead and installed the headlights back in place and threw the bumper back on. I think the whole process took around 1-1.5hrs from start to finish. Wasn’t a real taxing kind of task.

Didn’t expect the Halos to light up, as I thought they had to be wired separately, but I was a bit shocked to find that the whole setup was plug & play. Though I think 2 of the led bulbs in the halos are out, it still fills out pretty evenly. Light output even with the halogens is better than I expected. Nice solid line across the plain. But I think I may have to raise them just a bit. Will have to see how it compares to my buddies setup. But thats something to worry about when I get my HID setup. The hi-beams actually work WAY better than my OEM headlights, which was weird, but wasn’t complaining about that one bit.

Will post up pics when I get a moment. I have cell phone pics, but the lighting makes everything pink/purple somehow (thanks blackberry).

In other news, I’ve been doing A LOT of research on things. Exhaust, body work, etc etc. I will be doing a custom exhaust setup sometime in the next 6 months. Once I get everything in the financial department all taken care of, I’ll be slowly chipping away at the projects to come. My plan is to have the major part of the transformation completed by the spring time. Could be a little too courageous, but cant hurt to have a plan, right?

I will also be doin a bit of body work. If you havent noticed my front chin spoiler is chipped, somethin fierce. So that will have to be replaced, along with my recently painted grille (which I expected to chip) which is dented, I might add. I also have a few small door dings here and there so my plan is to have those taken care of. All in due time, I suppose.

Happy motoring and keep it on all fours…


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