10.22.012 – Greyhound will get you there

Managed to snag myself an MkV .:R32 front bumper with grille from a fellow enthusiast on the forums (really the only reason I’m on them).  The bumper and grille itself will need some minor TLC but that’s not an issue for me.  Though I think the grille will be a bit more of a delicate process that I’m considering someone else do.  The grilles new from the dealer run easily over $700, while the bumpers fetch somewhere around $400-500.  Knowing that I was going to have to put some time into the bumper if I was able to find one used, was a given but I was fortunate enough to find one in good condition and that already had the side-markers molded off.

A little birthday present to me.

120.:R face

121A very rough idea for its future home

122Grille originally had license plate mounts but were filled by previous owner.


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