12.14.012 – Bits, pieces and shorter lists

ITs getting down to the final hour.  Not much left on the “need” list, though I always have a “wamt” list.  But focusing on the task at hand and with the help of my America’s Tir Co / Hankook rebates that came in the form of Visa debit cards, I was able to utilize them to my advantage and pick up my exhaust bits.  My current setup is a custom Magnaflow setup and while I like the setup and enjoy the noise, I wanted to try my hand with a custom Borla setup for my forthcoming R32 exhaust.  Through some fine searching and a couple wasted hours, I was fortunate to find some exhaust tips that some people in the R32 world use.  They’ve been noted to fill out the exhaust cutouts in the lower valance just nicely (sample from an R32 member on GolfMkV forum found below).

I didn’t bother taking pictures of the mufflers when I got them as it was easier to simply store them in the boxes they came in.  I will say that I’m sure my wife will be happy once all the boxes and stray parts are cleared out of the garage.  Starting to run out of room.


Magnaflow tips128One shameless plug for being clean even after the rain.

Magnaflow tips mated to a proper MkV R32 exhaust


Happy motoring and keep it on all fours


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