12.26.010 – Its Beginning to Look a lot like… A Project Car

So its been a fairly long time since I’ve had time, money or effort available to delve further into this project since my last update. With being short on cash, work running kinna dry, moving into a new place with my girlfriend, getting a job and actually having work, vacation, blah blah blah… Long story short, I’ve had a lot going on before I throw anything at my car, other then gas and oil change goodies.

Around early December, I was finally getting back on track and caught up with life. After a couple weeks of saving some change, I picked up all of my exhaust components (less piping and tips), some DDM 6000k HIDs (with error code module) and a used BSH intake. Over this last week I had some time available so I went ahead and installed the intake. Ran into a small “problem” (read here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea…take-WTF-Mate-!) but was easily fixed the following day.

Yesterday before shooting off to do the family thing I went ahead and installed the HIDs. I mounted the ballasts onto the side of the headlights and did some zip-tieing to keep down the excess wires. Fired up the first time no problem. Once they warmed up (a few seconds), they looked sick. Having never had a car with HIDs it looked definitely a lot more cleaner than the halogens previously installed.

The reviews of the intake couldn’t be more spot on. Under 3,000 RPMs its subtle and refined. Anything past that and it sounds like it wants to fight. Running each gear high into the RPMs, the note will never get tiring to my ears. I didnt ‘notice’ any HP/TQ gains off the bat. However I did notice a bit more crisp of throttle response, but I’m attributing some of that to the throttle body flap being reset when the battery was removed. Other than that the fit and finish attributed by BSH, I couldnt be more happy with the results.
As of right now I still dont have any pics to post, but will try and snap some later today since we seem to be getting a little bit of sun today. My plan is to get the exhaust up and mounted sometime in January, then at some point do my wheel/tire package further down the line, yet still in time for the upcoming Wuste event in June. Now that I have a few tidbits on my car, its time to focus on the gf’s “gift” in the upcoming months, haha.

Will try and report back later this evening.


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