The Road is Long – 03.10.013

Haven’t had much on the forefront in regards to getting the car ‘under the knife’ as of yet. Have a few other pressing things in my schedule I’m tending to for now. I won’t be in as big as rush to get the car prepped/ready for the Vegas/waste show, as recently I got into out with the event (dis)organizer and amongst other things its just a waste of time.

So with that said, I should be looking to get my car back in under control early to mid May. In the meantime with time permitting I should be able to get my new rear LED tail lights in. I also have to try to text fit my r32 front bumper to make sure that everything fit and probably trim the front foam insert . Call based on time available schedule permitting but I am looking forward to getting to it. Also since I will be working on my rear bumper I will have to have hack up my current exhaust so what I’ll do is remove my current exhaust and for the time being use a canister resonator that was originally put on the exhaust setup. Sort of interested is the house of sound with it on.

So while it sounds like everything is being postponed it’s all careful planning in time is it don’t want to rush any of the custom process I want to make sure everything is fit perfectly and look says it needs to. My next show that I am looking to attend is done fast down in the LA area which looks to be right after Labor Day. Hopefully I can get some of my car group and friends to join in. Should be fun.

Till next time happy motoring and keep it on all fours.


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