The Dark Side of the Rear – 03.20.013

Back at the end of January, I picked up a set of Dark Cherry LED tail lights.  These were to replace my current red ones that I had, but do not have the rear red Euro Fog lens.  They don’t have the ability to be coded for orange turn signals like the feature on the Passat.  But having no VAG-COM at my disposal, it was never completed, so I wasn’t really out anything.

As I recently posted, I won’t be getting to major body work until mid-May as I have some major landscaping I’m helping my parents with, so I’m putting all my time and energy into that.  Also, as I stated, I wont be attending the Wuste-xxx brand of show in June (or ever, for that matter).  I’ve found the (dis)organizer to be highly unprofessional and completely counter-productive to the benefit of the scene.  But be that as it may, I will be focusing on other future shows and finishing out my current build project.

Being that my rear bumpers are ABS plastic and seeing as how they will be requiring some major custom fabrication, I will be soon picking up a plastic welder kit in a few weeks.  I’m actually quite interested in getting into this and being able to use it.  I think its a cool concept and should prove itself quite beneficial with my needs.  More on that, once I purchase it and get my hands dirty.

Not much else on the horizon from now to May so I’ll be sure and update should anything pop up.

135New Dark Cherry LED Tails next to the previous LED Tails.


Drivers side installed with no Euro Fog lens.  Passenger is still the previous version.
(Pic taken at night so it barely shows through)
137Another side-by-side shot


138Also pulled out a strand of lights from both sides of the Front headlights Halos.  I unplugged them a while back and still have 2 more strands to remove.  Hopefully once out, it will clear out the Bulb Out light on my dash.


A shot of them installed, in morning daylight (overcast)



A closer shot


141Mildly tweaked photo I took coming out to my car on my lunch break


Happy Motoring!


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