Face Off – 03.23.013

Had a break in my busy schedule so decided I would see how the R32 front bumper mates up to the car.  Got the old one off and cleaned up the sticker remnants on the lip.  With the old bumper off, I was able to get the R32 bumper on and in place.  Tacked it down with a few Torx screws to hold it in place while I snapped a few pics.

With getting the bumper on, I remembered that the foam bumper support would need minor trimming to allow the R32 bumper to fit as needed without having any stress or tension on it.  So I will need to track down some info on where to trim and how much to trim off.

While I was at it, I went ahead and reinstalled my BSH intake back on.  It had been sitting on a shelf since November when I was going to get my car smogged and never went to put it back on again.  Mainly cause its been cold and wet and thats not my ideal recipe for car tinkering.  But with the bumper off, It made it super quick and easy to pop on.  Ive been missing the sound from the intake so now my car should finally have its ‘voice’ back.

Also no reported problems with my newly installed tail lights.  I think they are actually a bit brighter than my previous ones.  In any case, good news.  I think when I have the bumpers off again, I will probably pull the headlights and HID kit out and finish pulling out the halo ring lights in the remaining outer rings.  It was a cool thing for a while, but I got over it.  Leave the trademark halos to the Bimmers.


143In stock form, semi unmolesed


142A shot from the other side as well


147In with the new, new.

144Definitely a fan.  Will need a proper fitting VW badge as the Jetta/GTI badge is too large for the R32 fitting.



146Seems to slide on/off nicely.

145Nice fitting lines.  Thank god for OEM+

148Future victim of a knifing incident

149Soon to be shaved down a bit.

150Intake back in.  Finally.

151Un-needed shot, but what the hell.  Revel in my dirt.


Happy Motoring and Keep it on all fours…


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