I Would Walk 100,000 Miles! (or at least drive it) – 05.25.013

So its been quite a bit of time off.  A lot has happened, all while maintaining a status quo of nothing happening.  On the front of cutting into the car; its still stagnent.  At a complete standstill…Well forthcoming to say the least.  Finally surpassed the dreaded 100,000 mile marker recently.  Picked up few more parts as well as a fun little tool I had my eye on (which will help the upcoming project).

My plan was to keep this as up to date as possible, yet somehow, the recent findings and attains have yet to show themselves as relevant.  At least in my eyes.  I realize that it takes every little bit for everything to come together and amount to a large transformation or change.  Yet while in the midst of finalizing things with other projects, my car has taken a bit of a back seat.  Which is no problem, really.  I’m in no rush. With side projects finished and show season fastly approaching, its about time to start diving into this head-first.

In recent months, I’m acquired the last little bits of what I need to begin this transformation.  I’ve picked up a plastic welder for obvious reasons as well as the remaining bits of parts needed to fullfil the transformation.  I put in an order to a local dealer which is somewhat highly regarded as being mod-friendly for various reasons.  I had told them about what I was setting out to do and aside from hearing “thats never been done”, they (and my friends) are just as excited to see what becomes of this project.  So I decided upon picking up the Votex rear diffuser as it fits perfectly into the Votex rear bumper section.  Rather than build an entirely new R32 section /diffuser from scratch (and if something should happen–say an accident from the rear) it would be easier to source OEM parts with moderate customizing, rather than an entire rear section from scratch (again).

Somewhere along the lines I had my buddy do a photoshoot with my car.  I got a few pics for a ‘tease’.  To be honest, I was all over the place thinking of ideas, as his subjects are usually of the human kind.  But the few pics that I got were awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing, as well as sharing the rest.  Also picked up a new set of front tires for the steel wheels which will be used soon while the ‘permanent’ wheels get soem new color.  A bit wider than the originals so Im going to throw them to the rear.  Should give a nice little rake to the car.  Managed to come up on some TDI Cup Edition side-skirts as well, from a buddy of mine.  So will be selling the Thunderbunny ones here, soon.  Again, got the Votex rear diffuser to fit in the Votex rear bumper section.  So outside of that, not a whole lot as went on.

I will add that about 2 weeks ago, I was coming back from a local VW/Audi meet and was about 2 miles from hitting 100,000 miles.  I decided to turn off to a rarely used road to snap a couple of pics.   At a touch after 11pm, I finally hit 100k.  Felt a little weird.  Feels like the car is officially “old” now.  However, I’ve been blessed in the fact that its been a rock-solid car since the day I got ‘er.  The lack of power is hard to deal with at times, but the solid motor and tranny are making it a bit easier to deal with.  As well as the plans for the forthcoming mods.

So lets dive into the pics…

152Just outside of the Oracle campus, here in Redwood City

153In a random parking garage.  Terribly green lighting so we opted for black and white, which looked pretty aggressive.

154New pair of tires for the wifes MkV GTi (sumitomo) and a new pair for my steel wheels (Conti ExxtremeContact)

155More sideskirts.  This time the TDI Cup Edition kind.  Much happier with these.
156Part Numbers of the skirts

157More part numbers

158Votex rear diffuest.  Brand new and ready to go under the knife

159Part numbers for the rear diffuser, just for reference.  BTW had no idea the diffuser was two-pieces.

i016A little over-ambitious for the rear-view mirror, but funny none the less.
i017The tool that will be helping me in the customizing process
i018On location, via instagram
i019Finally hit the big 100,000 mile mark.  Kinda Surreal.


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