“Yeah, they leatherette, but I keep em clean ‘tho” – 06.05.013

So I havent left well enough alone.  I keep finding things here and there while knowing full-well I should stop looking for parts or trying to buy something new.  However, I stumbled upon some leatherette seats.  I was originally looking at picking up a pair of fronts about 5 hours away.  Too far, but was a deal.  As luck would have it, scheduling got a bit buggy and it ended up falling through.  As luck would have it, I was able to track down a full set of front and rear seats, locally.

So I met up, checked out the seats, paid the man, loaded them up and was on my way.  Got them home and cleaned them up a couple times and installed them a few shorts hours later.  They went in without any fuss, thankfully.  Although I did run into one snag; while my car had full manual cloth seats to begin with, the seats I had just picked up, the drivers seat was semi-electric.  Being that I dont have a pigtail for that particular harness on my car, I will have to finagle with the power so that I can setup the seat to my liking.  Otherwise, everything is great.  Though the seats still smell a bit like an auto shop (where I picked them up), being that we are having great weather, I know it wont be long till its back to normal.

Over memorial day weekend, I did a quick tweak to my front suspension and brought it down 1/4″ so that it sits around 24.5″ from the ground to the top of the fender.  Just where I like it.  Now I have to do the same to my rear.  Maybe even bring it up 1/2″ instead of a 1/4″ cause its prone to scrapping the belly-cover on speed bumps (with weight).

I also happened to come across a brand new Gorilla Gear trunk mat and block setup for my trunk for $35 NEW, via eBay (sold by way of an actual VW Dealership!).  Just received and installed that tonight and got my OCD in order.  Maybe I’m a bit too neurotic.  But in any case, its nice and organized and I don’t have to worry about my I.C.E. kit and such ends up all over the trunk anymore.

So right now, I have every part I need to get started.  The only thing I’m waiting on is getting my exhaust cut out so I can start fabbing up the new rear section (which I’m really excited for).  Then thereafter, I have to remount the emissions canister, cut the spare tub, weld in a new flat plate into the trunk, and take it from there.  I know show season is already under way and I’m planning on making a few shows to debute the changes.  Will try to post more stuff up as it comes, but I think thats about it for now.

161New leather(ette) rears in the back

160Another shot

162Fronts in.  Now kinda makes me pine for the GLi/GTi black leather seats… Maybe in the future.

163The (un)powered tilt controller displayed.  Though the til is only about an inch or two off my driving setup.
164Swapped the rear and front head rests… Hello huge blindspots

165Gorilla Gear / CarGo mat and blocks installed
166Hard at work.


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