A Weekend of Everything & Nothing – 06.10.013

Well that was a complete J-Turn in my automotive world.  Here I am thinking I just got all my parts and am ready to start cuttin stuff up and plastic welding then BAM!  I find myself looking down the barrel of a CBTA longblock.

My weekend started out with me leaving work late, but heading over to the bank to make the final payment on my car.  Was a pretty cool feeling.  Of 6 cars I’ve had, only 2 have been paid off.  Its been easily over 10 years since the first.  But was a great way to kick off the weekend.  Later that night, I gotten a confirmation from a user on (vw)Vortex to pick up a 2011 2.5l Jetta CBTA longblock mated to an automatic transmission and full harness, with a tick under 22,000 miles on it.  Earlier in the week I had totally shrugged it off as I was simply peeking around to see what the install would entail.  Low and behold, the guy got back to me and made me an offer I almost tried to refuse.  With the better sense of my wife, parents and a close group of friends, everyone said to do it.  Thinking I’d be kicking myself in the ass if I didn’t hop on it, I made arrangements to meet Sunday morning.

I picked up the engine and transmission about 45mins from my house with the help of a buddy.  Got the engine, tranny, and harness for $300 cash and headed back home.  Once I got home I realized there was no way in god’s name that we were getting this engine and transmission out of the truck by hand.  At least not between the two of us.  I sent my buddy on his way and proceeded to make a new home for the power-lump in my part-infested garage.  After about the first 20mins of organizing parts, I realized I have way too many.  After I got everything cleaned up and had enough space allotted, I then hit up a good friend of mine who has a performance shop specializing in GM power trains.  He ended up lending me his spare engine hoist what was a godsend at this point.  Got it back home and put it together to find that I didn’t have the correct bolts or brackets to mate up the engine to the hoist.

Upon semi-completion of attaining the engine, I got a message back from a seller; I finally have gotten my hands on a a Ross-Tech Vag-Com Diagnostic Software (VCDS).  This tied up the weekend almost perfectly and rounded out the engine purchase, not to mention the car being paid off too.  Next task was getting the damn block out of the truck.

Fast-forward to Monday (today) and I’m still scrambling to figure out what bolts and lift points to get to.  I stopped by the local dealership and had the parts department guy give a once over, but he didnt have much of any advice to give other than to come back the following morning to talk with the shop foreman.  So as it stands, the motor is still in the back of a truck being toted around until I can get the correct bolts/info to get it out safely.

So plans have shifted only ever-so-slightly with the ‘build’ of this car.  The new(er) motor will ensure the longevity of the car I plan to keep, as well as all the soon to be body/exhaust/paint work thats soon to go in it as well.  Now the trick is to gather up all the bits and parts needed to complete the swap, get it running then head in for all the body work.  I’m hoping I can do it inside 2.5 months as there are a few shows I’d like to make this year.  And I don’t really want to hold on to the engine or the other body parts for an extended period of time.

So without any further adieu, meet the new heart of the beast.

167Oh Passenger Zone, you silly coincidence, you.

168Missing the A/C, Alternator, Intake manifold and so on, but most of the BGP parts can swap over
169Cleaning up the garage.  Thankfully I have an understanding wife 🙂
170A brief walk-around
171Auto-tranny soon to be leaving
172In all her glory.


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