A Brief Update – 06.22.013

Got the motor on the ground a day or two since my last post.  In that time I got my VagCom cable and Bentley manual. Hadnt had much time to play with it as I was heading to Vegas.

Placed my pre-order for the newly released Integrated Engineering intake manifold Wednesday morning.  So sometime around mid-August I should get it.  By that time I should have the motor installed and running.  Then the real fun begins!

Now I’m looking into clutches. I’m sure I could manage with an OEM clutch replacement, but I was looking at what ECS had to offer (http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-…tch/ES2569771/). I’m sure there are other brands and selection to look at just the same, but ECS has become a point of reference for me.  I dug through my paperwork that I received from the previous owner, when I bought the car and saw that the clutch was replaced sometime in 2006 at 35, xxx miles.  So its got easily over 65k miles on it.  Would be in my best interest to replace it, merely out of preventative action.

I can honestly say I’ve never replaced a clutch or hard to pay for a clutch repair job in my car history. With that being said, I’m a little unaware of what clutch (or clutch kit) to buy or what I’ll need for the clutch replacement, much less whats entailed in the replacement. I know I won’t be pushing Turbo HP, but with the IE Intake Mani + tune, I should have a fair bit more than stock.

I did manage to sneak in some time to do some research on what all is needed and aside from waiting to hear from a VW/Audi specific tuning shop, it appears that I’m leaning more towards the SPEC Stage 1 clutch kit.  Outside of that, I know I’ve got a few belts to pick up and coolant to acquire as well.  In the midst of removing my passenger seat, I tripped the airbag light, which was a known (and still outstanding) TSB.  So I will have to take it in and get that serviced as well as the fuel line (merely, just cause).  While I’m there I’ll see if I can pick any of the tech’s brains to see if they have an idea of what I should also pick up and replace during the install.  I’m really hoping to keep the install limited in downtime as best as possible.  I can only hope I’m not being over-ambitious.


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