Holy Wall of Part Numbers, Batman! – 06.26.013

Dear mother of all that is holy and automotive!  Give me the strength to get me through this.  WHEW.  Ok.  Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I can say over the last week a lot has developed in the world of part numbers of incidentals of “while you’re in there, you might as well replace…”  I’ve speent quite a few nights buried in the bible that is the service manual.  Checking, rechecking, then checking again of what I think I will need to ensure a smooth transition throughout this process.  I’ve got a runnin spreadsheet of part numbers, links and prices organized which help me keep finances in line and parts in queue.

Last time I checked in, I know I was looking at a few options on clutch setups.  Now that I’ve done my ample research and due diligence, I can rest assured that I’m making a good decision with moving forward with the Stage 1 Clutch kit from Four Season Tuning, down in Southern California.  I was able to ask them the questions on topics that I was unclear on (read: all things clutch related).  After talking with them, it just made sense that with over 65,000 miles on the stock clutch and getting a bit more power in the future, I would opt for a better clutch with a lightweight flywheel to boot (see here: http://www.fourseasontuning.com/product.php?id=672&product_code=FST228-2.5SBRG.K7003802).  After that was buttoned up, I continued on with searching and digging through the service manual to look for must-have replacement parts for this ordeal.  This being, seals, gaskets, one-time use bolts, etc.

In my last post, I noted that my airbag light had kicked on.  Knowing there was an outstanding TSB or two left on my car, I figured I would have it taken care of at the local dealership, Dublin Volkswagen.  I dropped my car off and picked it up later this afternoon.  Upon my pick up, I had found that during my courtesy inspection, my battery was testing low (insert sounds of cash registers here).  No biggie.  Im almost certain this is the original battery so after 7+ years and clocking over 101,000 miles, I’d say its had its duty served.  While still at the dealership, I was able to talk with the Shop Foreman, Steve, who was helpful in letting me know what I “should” replace while I’m ‘in the area’ (of swapping the motor).  Not too much outside what I had already planned.  Merely a water pump and thermostat, which made ample sense (especially after finding out there water pump is usually replaced around 60k).  He remembered me and invited me to return once the swap was done as they were really into my car.

After I left there, I stopped by the shop that had originally done my current exhaust setup and scheduled time for them to remove my current exhaust and install a resonator and turn down.  This will allow me full access to get things sorted out with the rear section, once the motor swap is completed.  I should also mention that earlier this weekend, I picked up the missing exterior piece to add to my bevy of parts; the front grille VW Badge.  During my return from that, I decided to make another exhaust video (see end of post) that I can post with its forthcoming ‘For Sale’ ad.  I’ve loved the setup, but new things coming down the line.  And to throw in another digression, I have 4 wheel dolly/skates coming in early next week.  This will help me maneuver the car around the garage while its down, so its not a dead horse entirely.  I’ve always wanted a set, now I finally have a reason for their use.

I do have to say that as the researching wears on, I’m finding more info (and compiling into my vwvortex > 2.5l build) and becoming a bit more at ease with this undertaking.  That goes without saying that all the people that I’ve talked to, picked brains, and slung questions at, have been a HUGE help.  The guys in the 2.5l technical forum of vwvortex have a great support and a wealth of knowledge.  A big thanks!  I know its a lot, but with help and patience, I’m definitely looking forward to the outcome.

All told the parts on order shouldn’t be more than $450+/-.  Thats only a touch more than I paid for the motor and transmission itself.  The current parts list to get are as follows:

  • Alternator Accessory Belt (07K145933E)
  • Air Conditioner Accessory Belt (07K145933C)
  • Water Pump (07K121011B [needs new o-ring])
  • Thermostat Housing (07K121115C)
  • Transmission Input Shaft Seal (85311113)
  • Battery 60 amp Hour (VW 000 915 105 DE)
  • MoS2 Anti Friction Additive For Manual Transmission / Differential (Liquimoly #2019)
  • G12 Plus Plus Coolant – 5 Liter (Pentosin G012A8GM1-5L [use distilled water to mix])
  • FST 228mm Lightweight Steel Billet 14lb Flywheel with Sachs VR6 Clutch Kit (FST228-2.5SBRG.K7003802)

There are a few things I need to follow up on and see if I absolutely need them and/or where I can get them.  Things like engine/transmission mount bolts, tensioners, various o-rings, and the likes.

NEW Exhaust Video

Original Exhaust Video


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