My blood type is B(Franklin)-Positive – 07.16.013

At the close of the last update, there was a bunch of things completed but not put through the paces. Since then, a bit has finally come to fruition. The old dual exhaust has been cut off. A resonator and turn-down no reside in place. The exhaust now ends under the rear drivers seat. It hadn’t been broken in so it was full of drone at highway speeds. especially right around low to high 2,000 rpms. I found myself laughing constantly at how it sounds cause its just not supposed to make that type of sound. its comical. But by no means, a long term thing. check the video below.

Got my car wheel skates in and assembled about 2 weeks ago. I have yet to try then out as I’ve been way too busy. But I’m excited to use them.

I got my Stage 1 Clutch Kit with Lightweight Flywheel in the same day as I got my car wheel dolly/skates. I believe I got the mounting bolts but need to double check for the clutch alignment tool.

I tempted the car gods and had mentioned loosely that if I was to find an exhaust header for the car/engine, aside from the tune, that’s all I would buy… Low and behold, I came up on an original Eurojet Header with Magnaflow high Flow Cat. Bleeding. Money. I swear.

After about a month of searching, researching, reading, digging, calling, and so forth, I was finally able to pin down all my part numbers and placed an order with Winn VW in Newark, CA. In the last 6 months, I’ve bought quite a few parts from them mainly cause they are local and have amazing prices. AND i can pick up on-site so I don’t have to worry about shipping. however, in this batch of parts order, I picked up some extra ‘speed nuts’ and torx screws for the body panels (mainly the front bumper), due to age, use and stuff wearing. I didn’t end up purchasing a battery though I believe that will be the first thing to be replaced once the car is back up and running as I was told it was testing low, in my last visit to a local dealership.

Also managed to pick up some exhaust header nuts and bolts to mate the new exhaust header to, as the flange is a wee bit thicker on the Eurojet setup. But not to worry. These should work just nicely.

Spent this last Sunday cleaning my garage and picking up some extra metric sockets and ratcheting wrenches just to make sure I’ve got enough. I also washed the car this past weekend and even though it will be getting a full respray in the coming months, I still took time to widdle up a car blanket for when its down and ‘under the knife’. i took 3 bed sheets and pinned them together to make a big cover to lessen the amount of dust that gets on the car and/or settles inside. Also got rid of a few un-needed boxes and reorganized my garage to make space for a proper work area. Otherwise, I’m simply waiting for the parts to arrive so that I can start the process this Friday after work. I’ve got a couple events to hit along the way, but for the most part, will be devoting all of my time and attention to it as I want to do everything as precise and accurate as possible. Thankfully I have a few friends who have offered to lend a hand if I need.

I’ve finally located my digital camera so I will be taking a ton of pictures a long the way. Most for reference, so I can track what goes where. Picked up a couple boxes of Ziploc bags so that I could track the removal process a bit easier. I’ve been thinking about numbering bags as a process marker, but not sure if labeling will suffice. Either way, I believe I’m ready.
























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