How I Spent My Summer Vacation – 07.21.013

After getting some much needed sleep, I got up at a leisurely hour and started in on the motor.  I didnt have much left in order to pull the motor… Or at least, so I thought.

I got off the A/C lines to the firewall off and taped up then moved onto the vacuum line that was giving me grief last night.  Took some finagling but it came off.  From there, I moved on to the Slave cylinder for the clutch.  For some reason I thought there would be an outpour of fluid but much to my surprise, it was just a booted solenoid/actuator, even still, I wrapped it up in moved it to the side.  By then my buddy Ian came by to lend a very helpful hand.  He helped me get access to all the bolts on the axles and their compromising positions.  Once we got those off, we cleaned up the bolts, tossed em in a bag and set out for the motor and transmission mounts.

We raised the motor up just a bit to put tension on the hoist chain and also slide a floor jack under the transmission for added support and a bit of direction.  Once we got the transmission side off, we started in on the bolts for the engine side mount.  I got all of the bolts off the motor mount (to the frame) and in trying to gain a bit more clearance, I wanted to get the motor mount off the block itself.  I started working at the bolt and it slowly started to come out.  Kept at it and it felt it was getting loose.  A few clicks of the ratchet later, the mount is off… along with the head of the bolt.  At this point, I was a bit delirious from lack of food so I was pissed the bolt was still in.  Only hours later would I soon realize, I’m not using that motor anymore.  However, I still need a bolt.  Anyhow, we started tugging at getting the motor out and whatnot.  Only now we were running into the flexpipe for the exhaust hitting the heat shield in the tunnel.  For some weird reason, I thought it would be easy for the exhaust to be removed pre cat, post flex pipe.  After 102,000 miles and 7 years of use, I could only imagine how rusty the nuts and bolts were going to be.  Thankfully Ian was able to get them off, with the help of brute force, a pivoting ratchet head, and lots of (yet well warranted) cussing.  After he got that off, we pulled the beast from the loins of the Jetta.  Maneuvered it around the garage and set it on a pallet next to its younger, hotter and soon to be more powerful sibling.

Thereafter, it was time for food and drinks.  Only then did I realize, the new motor has a thermostat and water pump installed (with 22k on them).  Im still contemplating whether to return the ones I purchased or not, as they are $120 each.  I will sound some ideas off a few 2.5l Tech guys and see what they recommend.  Otherwise, simply chalk it up, throw them on, merely for piece of mind.

This coming week will consist of swapping parts, removing the old exhaust header from the new motor and replacing the head bolts with the new ones I got last week that will help with the thicker flange of the Eurojet Header.  I will aslo be swapping over the rest of the pertinent items as well.  Though I will be limited on time as it will be mostly after work.  The goal is to have it back and up by next Sunday.  Seems like a HUGE goal to aim for, but I will do my best.


232AC lines at firewall


233Labeled the clutch cables and a shot of the loose bolts for the drivers side inner CV Joint


234Last moments


235Put me in coach!


236Removed the bolts, hitched ‘er up and ready to make room


237The one that got away… Literally.  Will be attempting to tap it at a later date.


238Family portrait


239Its surreal being able to sit in the engine bay


240This wasnt like this when I was here last time


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