In The Clutch… No, Seriously – 07.25.013

After years of caked on grease, oil, road grime, and so on, the transmission in my car was near (if not, indefinitely) black.  And greasy to the touch.  A can of heavy duty Foamy Engine Bright would surely change that.  Made sure to seal up any connections and whatnot then went at it.  Let it sit for 15mins, came back and knocked about 85% of the build up, off.  GREAT STUFF.  Directly after I dried it off with my compressor and also went at it with a small wire brush to knock off any further dust or gunk.  Now you can actually make out the part numbers and whatnot.  So much better.

From that point, I moved onto pulling off the old torque converter from the new motor (left behind from the automatic transmission it came with).  A bit puzzled, I reached out to a 2.5L techinical group on Facebook, to get a quick reply.  Awesome stuff!  I set out to remove the nuts that held the torque converter to the ring gear.  Thereafter, I pulled the ring gear off and set both it and the torque converter aside.  Now was time to get dirty in my first clutch job… Fingers crossed.

I pulled out the clutch kit I got from Four Season Tuning and started wrenching away.  I made sure to mark the pressure plate cover and the flywheel, in case any precise alignments were needed.  At that point, I removed all the components and addressed each, one by one.  I was careful and took my time as I didn’t want to damage anything or have it come back to bite me at first turn-over.  I got the clutch on and the throwout bearing installed and lubed with MoS2 and the splines of the input shaft are coated with G000100 grease (spline grease).  Tomorrow is time to attack attaching the transmission, transfer the oil filter housing (due to sensor compatibility with the wire harness), and hopefully finish the whole front end of the Intake side, and if I’m lucky, throw on the exhaust header.  I feel like I’m nearing the home stretch but I know getting everything back in will be the most painstaking part… Not to mention putting the key in the ignition and hoping for turnover.








































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