Two Heavy Trannys – 07.25.013

VAG has some really ‘special’ tools and/or really sick humor in that some of their access to bolts/nuts/etc are in absurdly tight spaces.  So much so, that even specialty bits prove to be too large… Or even the bolt it precisely the length of the space needed, WITHOUT the bit to tighten/loosen it from its threaded hole.  OIY!  Didnt have a whole lot of time to take pictures as I got a late start on it tonight.  Anyhow, I did manage to get both transmissions off and set aside.  And I might add they are insanely heavy.  Really put my years of working out to use. The garage was a mess of bits, ratchets, wrenches, torx, extensions, bolts, nuts and so on.  It almost got away from me in a frenzy, but I managed to keep the nuts and bolts all accounted for.  I did find myself removing more than anticipated, but its merely to gain access to key areas.  Germans and their twisted humor.

I might add that doing this part, entirely solo, is a bit taxing, yet soothing.  Gives me time to focus on this task at hand and ensuring each fitting is accounted for.  In the wake of it all, with the transmission proving to be a bit hefty in weight, I made use of the the Engine hoist to relieve some weight from the transmission, upon sliding it out.  This made it so I didnt have to worry so much about damaging the input shaft splines.  It worked like a charm.  Once the transmissions were off, I simply set them aside for tomorrows work.  My plan is to get the torque converter off and install the new flywheel and clutch kit  to the new motor.  I would LOVE to clean the housing of the transmission as its caked with years of dirt, road grime and so forth.  But thats bottom-rung priority at this point.

I got an update that my BFI engine and transmission mounts are on their way, however I’m unsure when they are due to touch down.  In any case, I need to make my way over to the dealership to recover an engine mount bolt (that previously snapped off in the old motor upon removal) along with some refrigerant for the A/C system.
















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