Ain’t Nothin’ To It But To Do It – 07.28.013

Well, against better judgement I needed to at least attempt to get the motor in by myself to see if its possible. So time to get to it.

With the motor all ready, I got it rigged up to he hoist and got everything in line and ready to go.  I broke out the fancy new Stage 1 BFI mounts I had just received Friday.  Now it was time to use em.  So after some careful alignment and lots of praying, I got the motor hooked up and aligned to the mounts.  I had the hoist chained pinned to the lift arm on the block.  With it being a little tilted on the transmission side, I slide a floor jack in under it to balance it out.  After a few raise and lowers on both the hoist and jack, it was in.  I bolted up both BFI mounts, but still didn’t want to leave the engine relying on both mounts (un-torqued, mind you) to support the motor.  I left the motor attached to the hoist but removed the floor jack.  I slide between the legs of the hoist and got under the motor to install the pendulum mount.  Once that was installed, I felt confident to release the hoist and take the chain off.

I should note that before snugging up the mounts, I made sure to get in the drivers side inner cv joint to prevent the later fate of what I would soon find out for the passenger side; which would be to remove the control arm at the ball joint  in order to get enough slack to realign the passenger side inner cv joint from there, Being that I still needed to get under the car and connect the exhaust and repack the inner cv  joint drive flange full of grease, I left it for a later time.  I utilized my time with getting the apparent connections and lines connected on the top side of the motor.  A bevy of senors, hoses and linkage were reassemble and tightened into place.

I will note, that on the CBTA motor there are 3 sensors to the right of the oil filter housing that are not on the BGP motor.  The BGP motor oil filter housing has an oil pressure sensor on it that the CBTA does not, and being that I’m using the BGP wiring harness, none of the aforementioned CBTA sensors would connect nor would the BGP harness connect for an oil pressure sensor.  Being that the sensor connector on the wiring harness is now inactive, I bagged it up, double zip tied it and tacked it down out of place.  It feels a bit hackey to do that, but I felt its better than to leave it dangling and vulnerable to the elements.  So that is definitely top of the list of what problem might occur upon start-up.

I will say that the BFI mounts definitely stick out in a positive way on the motor.  the finish of the aluminum is really pleasing, aesthetically.  I am also taking the time to clean and scrub down a few areas.  The lower front sub-frame looks near new as I took years of road grime and oil seepage off with a wire brush.  Looks great now.  I also did this for the bottom side of the transmission for the same reason.  Now when working under the car for oil changes and so on, I wont have to worry about getting nails full of grease or grit.

Upon my install of various houses and sensors, I found what was causing my massive front end chatter; torn boots on my not-even-a-year-old KSport Endlinks.  Not exactly happy that they havent even been used a year andd they are already done for.  Whats scary is that I’m only at 24.5″ FTG. So I will be contacting them to see about what I need to do.  that shouldn’t be happening at that height.

A few more loos ends to button up here and there, but all in all, I’m happy with the progress and VERY please with being able to get the motor in by myself.  Took a bit of creativity but proves that its possible to REALLY Do It Yourself.
































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