Home Stretch is Right Around the Corner – 07.27.013

Nearing the home stretch and there’s only a few more things to tackle.  So lets not waste time.

After deciding against the exhaust header and using the OEM header instead, the only thing left on the other side was bolt up the intake header, throw on a couple belts and ensure all the hose fittings are clamped down.

From here, I set out and started with the belts as they were the easiest.  once those were on and in place, I went ahead and put on the stock intake manifold.   a little tip of advise, when putting on the intake manifold, the bolts used are too big to fit through their respected slots (at least for the bottom side).  Whats best to do is insert them into the holes BEFORE mounting.  You might also want to follow up with using a 6mm allen head to hold down the bolt just in case it pops out during manifold install.  At that point, cinch down the lower bolts as they are the hardest to reach.  Once these are in, go ahead and move onto the remaining bolts.  (Another Tip: I had asked which attachments others used and was told to pick up a DeWalt DWHT70265 T-handle ratchet set.  It includes a 6mm bit that’s long, but not long enough.  At that point, you will need a narrow extension to breach the hole without getting stuck.  I took a picture of a magnetic screwdriver with the bit inserted.  Worked perfectly and thankfully the bolts don’t require too much torque.)

With everything on and in place there wasn’t to do, so I called it an early day and decided to take some time off, rather than try to shove the motor in, alone.






















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