Minor Progress. Minor Holding Pattern – 07.29.013

Got a bit of a late start tonight.  Been trying to do other things or tend to other areas other than getting my hands slopped up with axle grease and connecting the inner CV Joints.  I absolutely despise axle grease.  It gets everywhere and I find myself ruining shop towels or going through an abnormal amount of paper towel merely to get a grip on tools or bolts.  But it had to be done.  So I got dirty, against my will.  Being that my passenger side axle was ‘too far’ in with the car under load, I was unable to maneuver it into the flange to be bolted down.  So I removed the 3 nuts on the lower ball joint that are attached tot he control arm.  Once I did that, I was able to move the wheel into position, giving me enough room.  In retrospect it would have been easier/lighter had I removed the wheel as its nearly an additional 50lbs to maneuver when resetting the ball joint to the control arm.  Anyhow, I got what I needed and proceeded. At that point, I still needed to load up the drive flange with grease, but I wanted the axle out of the way to give me as much working room as possible.  So I tied a rope around the axle and pulled it out of the way and carried on.  Once the flange was filled up, I positioned the gasket and set the bolts.  From there, I needed to torque down the bolts on both drivers side and passenger side.  Once that was done, being that I had the car lifted up on ramps, I was going to install the exhaust flex pipe.  Only when I had went to install the section, I noticed there are no studs on the new OEM exhaust header.  So I will be making a run to the local hardware store to get 4 new bolts and nuts (zinc-coated for rust prevention.  Stainless steel if possible).  I will also pick up some distilled water for the coolant as I’m nearing the final steps before key-turn.  I’ve made a list to keep me on track as well.

I only have a few more sensors to connect on the front end before I throw on the radiator/condenser.  But I will be digging back through all my pictures to confirm all the sensors are connected correctly.  The only thing I’d have left to check on is what to do prior to key-turn.  Being as the radiator was depleted, the EVAP & fuel lines depresurized and so on.  I’m wondering if there is a priming phase or something I should follow.  Something to look into.  Anyhow, heres the days progress.
















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