Click, Click… – 07.30.013

Very, very much behind due to life getting in the way, but lets pick up and push forward…

I stopped by the local hardware store to pick up some stainless steel, zinc-coated nuts and bolts for the exhaust flange to flex pipe.  After that I buttoned up the inner passenger CV Joint shield and tightened down the mounting bracket to the subframe.  I didnt have much to do, other than reconnect the starter ground cable to the frame and starter, so I did.  Moving forward I reconnected the A/C lines to the firewall and finally got a chance to put the condenser and radiator back on to the front of the car.  Progress is bound!  Once the whole front clip was installed, I was able to put the bumper support brace on.  I’m finally hitting the home stretch.

Going purely off adrenaline, I skipped dinner in a manic frenzy to try and attack the rest of what seemed to be so little to do.  With the front clip on, I was able to finish out connecting the remainder of the sensors and A/C lines to the AC drier.  From there, I had intentionally left the top radiator hose unplugged at the block.  I mixed G13 and distilled water at a 1:1 ratio and put it in a large measuring glass.  I stuck a funnel in the uncapped hose and put it at a bit of an angle and proceeded to fill the radiator up through the top hose.  I think I took about 2 liters or so.  For some reason I thought it would take more and upon my 3rd fill attempt, I got about halfway through and it had appeared to finally reach the internal filling point, so I had a bit of spillage, which thankfully I had a shop towel in place just in case this happened.  From there I let fluid seep into the radiator a bit more and finally connected the hose back to the block. I went ahead and started to pour the remainder of the fluid into the fill bubble reservoir.  Filled the bubble then wait for it to seep into the lines, block and such.  At this point, it had appeared that there was nothing else to do but turn the key.

By this point, Its nearing midnight and I’ve been working for hours, without food or drink.  Not a smart idea.  I disconnected the coilpacks and began to prime the system by turn the car over.  This would pressurize the fuel and oil lines and keep proper lubrication upon first ignition.  After priming the system, I reconnected the coilpacks and did a full recheck of lines, hoses and sensors.  Continuing off mild-delirium and a gut full of hope, I got in the cockpit, inserted the key and made my attempt at first ignition… *CLICK*… *CLICK*… *CLICK*… Nothing.  I checked everything once more and made a second round of attempts.  Still nothing.  Crestfallen, I had no choice but to call it a night.  I was nearing 1am and had work the next day, and still needed to get the garage picked up, move the car in tis place and move my wifes car into the garage for the night.

While putting things away and cleaning up for the night I ran through and onslaught of ideas of as to why the car wasn’t firing.  But I knew it was best to try and gather my thoughts, get some sleep, and make an attempt the following day.














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