A Shift In Progress – 07.31.013

After last nights failed attempts at turning over, I was hell-bent on figuring out the issue(s) and making it run.  With that said, I referred back to the Bentley Manual (a.k.a. Bible) and found that I may have connected the ground cable to the wrong mounting point.  So I changed the points.  From there, I checked the fluid levels and attempted another firing.

Hoped in.  Put the key in. Prayed to the car gods. Turned the key… IGNITION!  Its was incredible.  However, the neurotic part in me was waiting for something to go wrong; a noise, a pop, etc.  But much to my chagrin, no such luck.  The engine sounded a lot more throaty than I had remembered.  Fearing an immediate suction of coolant, I turned the engine off to ensure the fluid level in the filler bubble.  A little had moved down so I refilled and fired up.  At this point, I had let it run for a few minutes.  Checked for any leaks or lights on the dash.  Nothing.  Could this be ‘complete’?!

I turned the car off and refilled the bubble.  Still being in the wheel dollys, I needed to get the car back on terra firma.  In likely the fastest I’ve ever jacked the car up, I got all 4 corners free of the wheel dollys.  Time to make this the real deal.  Key in.  Turned.  IGNITION once more.  At this point there was nothing to do but let the car run, get to temperature and keep a watchful ear and eye for anything that should arise.  After 15 minutes of running, the car reached full operating temperature, had little consumption of coolant or oil.  There was a bit of condensation build up from beneath the turn-down tip at the exhaust, but I figured that was to be expected.  The best part of all was that the car had no warning lights or check engine lights.  No misfirings.  No weird noises.  Nothing.  Amazing to see what can be done inside 2 weeks.  I couldn’t begin to describe the sense of achievement.

However, now that the engine fires and runs stable as it should, there is still a pressing issue of whats wrong with the transmission.  My thoughts were that I had somehow messed up the clutch while installing it or that the cables were kinked.  but having had a bit of work with the transmission, prior, I knew that I could figure it out, and at the least, if that was the only pressing issue to have a professional mend, then I can’t really fault myself for a milestone achievement.  Now to fix the transmission and get the beast back on the road.

Ill post a video of the ‘issues’ I ran into once I get some more time.








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