Raise Up – 10.07.013

After over a year of having a semi-reverse rake, I finally made it a point to adjust the rear suspension and raise it up.  For the longest time, I was scraping over speed bumps in my complex and always leery about my exhaust (which almost never scraped).  But it was always in the back of my head.  Plus, I never liked having more than 3 people total in my car, aside from being sluggish, it was always a worry when it came to adding more weight to the rear on a low suspension that was scrape without anyone but me in car.

Once the car was up in the air, it wasn’t long until the springs and perches were out.  I marked off the current perch locations and used a digital caliper to measure how far up I wanted to raise the suspension.  Directly after, I did a thorough cleaning of brake dust and road grime and made sure all the thread were clear of debris and/or anything that would snag the perches.  After, I reset the perches to their final height, which came to be about 0.65″  This should have made the rear about 24.4″, up from its 23.75″.  I’ve found riding around 24.5″ is a nice combination of balance and drop so I wanted to stick to that, as thats what the fronts are set to.  I then inserted the perches in springs in place and bolted the suspension down in place.

After the rear end was on the ground, it was time to raise the front and do away with the failed Ksport front endlinks.  I got the wheels off and immediately removed all the nuts to both sides of the endlinks.  I followed the installation instructions per Whiteline and inserted the new ones in place.  At first I was a bit scared they were going to be too long, but after I got the strut sides , it wasn’t long to figure out what needed to take place next.  Following the installation of the top portions, I threw the wheels back on and set the car back on the ground.  Now I was able to setup the height of the endlinks and fasten them in place to the sway bar.  Once in place, there was nothing left to do, but take it out for a test drive.

My first notice on the road was the the front end wasn’t as “chatty” as with the previous, failed endlinks.  Being that there are installed on a factory swap bar, I didn’t expect much, other than reliability and less noise.  I went hard at the wheel, sawing back and forth at a solid 30-35mph and the car was finally starting to become predictable.  Less bounce in the rear end and a better turn-in in the front.  Overall, a vast improvement all around.  Being that the cars rear end ended up being raised about an inch, it was a bit more than I wasnted, but in doing so, I noticed I took out much of the hated bounce from the rear end.  Now I don’t feel as much of a bobble head when driving or having to worry about where the car is going to be, while turning in.   The thicker rear sway bar is definitely helping out as well.  I’m able to stay planted in cloverleaf on-ramps and carry more speed in them with more confidence.

I also have a set of Whiteline adjustable rear endlinks that I got on special (buy one, get one free from ModdedEuros.com) making both front and rear set just under $70 each.  Can’t beat that at all.  The build quality from Ksport to Whiteline is night and day.  And I’m hoping to see that difference as well, carry through with the longevity of the endlinks themselves.  For now, theres not much left to do.  Save a couple shekels here and there for the tune for the intake manifold, install it and then really get to working on the body work.  Speaking of which, I just found out that the BSH intake will work with the IE Intake manifold with only minor modifications so I’m even more so ready to install it.  Definitely looking forward to it all.



















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