White Ass & Black Nuts – 11.16.013

FINALLY! after months and months of procrastination and weekends without time, I’ve finally had time to put some effort into getting the body parts on and whatnot.

I think I’ve had the rear valance for the better part of 5 months and the diffuser around 4 months.  Being that the motor swap totally threw me for an unexpected loop,  and with life getting in the way, I’ve had minimal time at best to tackle all the projects I have lined up for the car.  After coming off the intake manifold and tuning, its been nice to put together a small plan of attack of what to do next.  While the list may seem small, it appears there is still so much to do.  A lot of heavy lifting that will require outside help.  Then it becomes a matter of scheduling and timing.  Keeping my fingers crossed the entire way out.

Well, I’ve had the bumper and valance sitting in my garage and now seemed like no better time to get to it.  So I went ahead and started pulling the OEM valance off.  Pretty straight forward stuff.  Once the bumper was off, I had to separate the valance from the bumper itself.  It took a bit of grunt to get all the tabs out, but I took my time.  Once it was detached, I cleaned up the innards of the bumper itself from years of dirt and debris and then set out to connect the new valance to the OEM bumper.  Being that the new valance and diffuser aren’t painted, I didn’t mind none.  It will look a bit off until it gets painted, but being that the car is set to be painted after all the body work, it’s just something I’ll have to live with until then.  No worries.

Anyhow, I connected the new valance to the bumper and then put the whole bumper back onto the rear end of the car.  At first glance, I was pretty happy with how it looked and was further imagining how it would look once painted.  Seriously stoked.  The Votex rear end looks great and is quite easy to install. Once Its completed, my plan is to keep the diffuser section modular.  I finished tacking down the bumper section and then installed the diffuser which seems to come on/off pretty quick, which is handy for the forthcoming process.

Thereafter, I had set out to swap all the reg lug nuts I had installed months prior for temporary black splined lug nuts.  The purpose was, in that of all the various wheel exchanging and various project that required the wheels to come on/off, the red anodize of the lug nuts had begun to chip off.  Not to mention show lighter shades of red and at times looked somewhat orange.  Not what I was looking for.  I was fortunate enough to find someone locally was giving away a full set of used lug nuts away for free.  I jumped on it immediately.  Now I can have my lug nuts re-anodized (along with my aluminum shifter knob) at the same time.  Once the black lugs were on, aside from a bit of wear, they looked quite good with the whole setup.

Now its time to relocate the EVAP canister and whatnot to a different location so that we can make room and cut the spare tire tub and prep for the new exhaust setup.  I also have to trim the front foam support for the R32 bumper and get the grille stripped and prepped for paint.  I’ve also beem looking into getting new sets of various bushings as the originals are now over 105K miles and I’m sure they could stand to be replaced.  I’ve been eye balling SuperPro and Powerflex bushings and had wanted to do the full set all at once, but I think its something I will have to buy, pieces at a time.

Anyhow, it’s time to make use of the downtime and get the parts of the shelves and out of the rafters and onto the car.  Time to make some changes.






































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