I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – 11.17.015

I’m not one for whoring my accomplishments out to the world.  This blog may be about the extent of my automotive achievements.  The major ‘articles’ get sent out when major updates arise, but for the most part, I’ve not spent much sharing a seemingly rare build.  It’s becoming the 90:10 ratio; do 90% of the work to finish up and the last 10% of sharing the work seems like so much more effort.  Well, as time came around, I finally got the time to give a somewhat proper shoot for my car and felt it would be the fair enough to share the photos across social media.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  A few likes.  A few comments.  That would be it.  What I wasn’t ready for was the mass of feedback and reception of the car.  It was incredibly hard to keep up with.  I was inundated with messages and comments.  It didn’t hit me until about an hour later… This was MY car people were raving about.  My project of 5 years that I’ve had in various stages, spent a ridiculous amount money on, times over.  It was overwhelming.  Only then did the sense of pride wash over me.  The grueling nights of part searching, sore backs, busted knuckles, broken tools,  and endless thoughts, all paid off in incremental steps to amount to something that was well-received.  Albeit, this project was never about what others thought or envisioned.  But to see the reaction, first-hand, was nothing short of amazing.  I’m very proud of the cars current state and am even more pleased that I got to share it with my dad, whom was vital in helping transform and construct crucial portions of the cars key features.

Below is the post of the small photo shoot I did with the car in its current state along with the post that was shared on social media.  I also felt it important to share some of the responses given by those in the community, for not only is it reinforcing but comforting to know that your hard work and persistence has been noticed.

Anyone who’s followed this project knows how much of a pain in the ass its been. A lot of money, a lot of time and a complete disregard for sanity. Harvesting parts well over 2 years in some cases. The multiple series of varying parts. It’s questionable phases and the list goes on. For the last 5+ years this has been one driving force thats kept me moving and somewhat grounded. It may not fit everyones ideals, but it fits mine. Having recently installed the last major ticket item on the car, dare I say, project complete.

Thank you to everyone who’s answered questions, shared knowledge, and followed the journey.

*please forgive the whoring*









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