Finished But Not Complete – 12.13.015

As you may have seen in the few previous posts, the car is now ‘complete’ as it sits on air bags now.  A very long time coming.  2-3 years, in fact.  And while I sit here and stare at my screen and try to remember every minute detail of whats transpired, sometimes it better left unsaid.  In other news, the car isn’t exactly ‘finished’.  A few things here and there to install, modify or change up.  I’m happy with how things are currently, but I feel like I’m still wanting something to pop a bit more.  But can’t pin down just what exactly it is yet.

Back to the air ride; I had originally anticipated a false floor for the air setup to sit on.  This would hide all of my lines, tools and spare tire.  At the last minute we decided to call an audible when I dropped off my car for the install.  I spoke with James at #becausebags for a bit and he asked if I was interested in being testing out a new mounting bracket for the entire setup.  This would arrange everything neatly under the parcel tray of the trunk.  I quickly jumped to it and let them work their magic.  And was nothing less than impressed when I got it back.  Sadly, the only part that stands out is the tank.  Due to an issue with the clear, it gave a weird haze effect in certain areas of the tank.  Has no physical affect on functionality, so while its not a huge issue, its something to do later down the line if/when I’m bored.  I will add that the car is a blast to drive and feels like it has much more grip.  There is no mid-corner bounce or any bounce for that reason.  Very planted and stable, unlike with my previous coils.

So now that the car is low, you’d assume that I’d be able to drive incredibly low and have no issues.  The install was done professionally and included a frame notch for the front passenger side, so there is no issues with the frame hitting the axle.  However, due to running standard size tires (225/40/18), when the car is completely aired out, the tires sit on the front and rear bumper mounting points.  Usually wouldn’t be much of a concern to most, but upon close inspection I’ve opted to not air out particularly because when sitting on the mounting points, it has the slightest pressure on the body panel seems, forcing them to split, ever so slightly.  Most wouldn’t notice, but for the extra .5″-1″ it’s not of a big concern for me to air out completely.  At least until I find a suitable wheel/tire package that rides nice and will share no issue with the mounting points.

Now being that the car has had its suspension done, it’s in proper fashion to have it aligned.  And because it now carries adjustable camber plates and dampening adjustment, I needed to be able to have access to those features via strut tower tops.  Unfortunately, in stock form, there is only about a quarter-sized hole that allows for access.  This wasn’t exactly the best option, so with that, it was time to go shopping for a Dremel.  From there, I was able to cut out pie-wedge shapes on the top of the strut towers.  After, I cleaned up the cuts and sanded down the jagged parts as best as possible.  Now I have full access to both camber plates AND any dampening adjustments, on the fly.

Time for some routine maintenance; oil change and transmission fluid change.  I finally pulled the trigger on buying the aluminum ECS Tuning oil filter housing I’d been looking at for quite a while now.  I also picked up a magnetic drain plug for the transmission and decided to opt for Liquimoly’s transmission fluid this time around.  For whatever reason it was never done and I think I had originally thought it was a painstaking process to do.  After looking up and finding the correct information, it was a breeze.  But I soon realized, I was at twice the fluids expected lifespan.  Oops…  Anyhow, fluid was drained about 90mins after last operation and came out like water.  I left it drain for about an hour and only managed about 1.5qts.  It was so dark that no light would shine through it.  Eesh!  The new Liquimoly is a light amber color and goes in with the consistency of near pancake syrup.  Seems to be no issue with leaks or shifting hereafter.  AND it has seemed to quiet down a plagued transmission chatter issue I was having right after I did the motor swap in 2013.

For now I’m enjoying my car in all that it is.  I still have an RCD-510 to install and am toying with some ideas for next years show season.  But for now, I think I will let everything die down.  It’s been a long, intense ride but it’s been a hell of a journey and I love my car and am proud of whats been achieved.  2016  may have a few tweaks here and there, but the car will mostly remain the way it is as of now.  And if anything does change, I’ll try to be better at not waiting 2-3 months to post about it.

Stay tuned…

896Instagram famous


897All Down




901Parcel tray mounting



904Preset 1 (10% height)




908Making cuts

909I may have over-used one of the wheels…

910Taking shape

911Not the prettiest job in the world, but it’ll do (by the way, blue wire is new lead to Oil Pressure sender routed under the rain tray)






917Not Coke


919The last time I’ll have to use these damn things and scrape up my forearms

920New filter and aluminum oil filter housing


922New magnetic drain plug for transmission



925I only found out the fluid bottle had a spout on it after I got through 3/4s of fluid.

926The duct tape actually held up for no leaks!


927Old picture; gauge lights are now matching blue LED and air pressure gauge reads all 4 corners + tank, in realtime






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