That’s A Wrap… Sorta – 11.05.016

Time to check in for my, seemingly, bi-annual post.  The good news is nothing’s drastically changed, so I’ll cut to the chase and try to save the rambles.

I think all thats to report is that my coolant bubble gave out one morning on my way to work, shooting my coolant temp up.  Thankfully I was only a block from my house and was able to nurse it back into my garage with no further damage.  I installed a new bubble and hoses shortly after and all has been good.  Though I have seemed to go through coolant since that episode.  Not sure why.  Also, G13 is sticky as hell and is a pain in the ass to clean up in tight areas.

Fast-forward a few weeks later and after six weeks of calling and getting a reply, I was able to find a shop that could install a satin black roof.  An easy job, no major cuts or antennas to work around.  But took three different shops to finally give a call back.  I had them install a 3M Satin Black roof with matching window bar.  It cuts the vertical visibility a bit, but I actually prefer it.  Does help with blocking sun and keep the cabin a bit darker.

Still haven’t gotten the stupid airbag light checked out (very low on my To-Do List, clearly) nor have I installed the bluetooth module, but I do have a few things on deck for the next couple months.  I know I need to replace my rear rotors and have my fronts resurfaced, if I haven’t already beaten them into submission, I also need to flush my brake fluid along with it.  From there, I’d really like to get my heated seats wired up before winter really sets in.  Also thinking about doing a color refresh for the red accents along with a different set of wheels (I know, I know).  But I need something new, even if its only for a while.  I’ve had the the mirrors/trim painted red for over 4 years and the wheels for over 2 1/2.  Its justifiable, right?

Anyhow, here comes the part where I post pictures.

Stay tuned…960

“One of these things is not like the other…”


G13.  That shit gets everywhere and is a pain to clean


See what I mean?


These hose ain’t loyal


Just your average VW drivers group/meet up

983Fade to black


Don’t be a fool. Wrap your tool.










Roof is all done


Time for the window bar


Finished product


Now in sunlight


Found a buddy of mind in the work parking lot


It’s becoming a new thing lately.


Aired out on the grass


When you get pulled over… Gotta pay to play.


Impromptu lunchtime whorage


Seriously, why would you ever want an automatic?!


Rainy day.  Dream away.





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