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Premise of Classified

Coming from my previous car of a modified 2008 Audi A3 2.0t and having built out the car to what I wanted, I needed to get a new car/project.  I sold my Audi and picked up the Jetta from a gentleman in San Francisco.  It was a great deal and was in pretty good condition.  He had ALL of the service history and records from the day he bought it.  It was just a typical daily driver for him, driving cross country a couple times.  Even then, it still had low miles on it and everything was fit as needed.

Being that Audi is owned by Volkswagen, some of their parts, as well as vehicle platforms are shared.  That opened the door to a mound of potential for me.  I was already able to use my previous suspension from my A3 and install it on my Jetta.  So I figured, lets see just how far I can go with “pre-loved” parts.  If they checked out and were within the means of my ability to improve, then what could it hurt?  I set out to buy parts that I wanted/needed from the classified section of a few various forums.  Low and behold it, started to work.  However, while it was working for what I wanted, a few of the parts were a bit unreachable so they had to be purchased, new, which wasn’t an issue in most cases.  Especially when it came to safety, brakes, etc.  Though, that didn’t mean buying new parts on the cheap couldn’t be had.  It simply took a little more time and searching to make it all work cohesively.

Here is my money pit.